Book Review: An Anonymous Girl (Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen)

“The title of the project is entered on the blank screen of the computer: The Temptation of Infidelity: A Case Study.

The hypothesis: Thomas is an unrepentant adulterer.
There is only one subject: My husband.
There is only one variable: You.

Jessica, please don’t fail this test. It would be a pity to lose you.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Jessica – known to friends and family as Jess – is a girl who swims in a world of regret. The shadows of her past, her lies, her secrets, they haunt her. Days go by where she is void of any memories of what she did and then something reminds her, bringing her to the brink of collapse.

Jess is no stranger to the struggle of providing for herself in New York. She works as a freelance makeup artist for BeautyBuzz and barely scrapes by. That is until she learns of Dr. Shields’ study. She isn’t invited in but that doesn’t stop her. She finds a way in, as she always does. The study pays a substantial amount of money. A study on morality, how hard could that be? Jess has the opportunity to make a quick $500 easy but at what cost to her and her family? Little does she know that her cracked and warped world is about to twist in unimaginable ways.

“Sometimes a simple gift is actually a vessel utilized to issue a warning shot.” 

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Book Review: Her One Mistake (Heidi Perks)

“You know you can trust me.”

Six words. One moment in time. Two lives changed forever.

Harriet is a mother like many that is nervous to let someone else care for her child. When her best friend, Charlotte, promises her all will be fine, she nervously trusts her friend to take care of her baby girl. She trusts that her daughter will return home safely, that surely her good friend would never be careless with someone else’s child. Harriet pulls up to her house to find a world of her nightmares awaits; Alice is gone. Police have nothing. And this eerily connects to a previous child kidnapping.

or does it?

Something more sinister is going on here that will rock everyone’s world. Someone goes missing. Someone dies. And someone loses the life as they know it for better or for worse. The author cleverly leaves the decision up to you. Do you walk away from this book feeling relieved? Or do you walk away feeling unresolved?

This book was 4 stars for me. It had delicious twists and turns and one epic, jaw-dropping shocker. It was better than I had anticipated and I fully recommend reading! As for what I didn’t like? I felt the ending did not quite match those twists and turns felt throughout the book but still good and worthy of a 4-star review. I love that she didn’t tie it all up in the end with a nice, neat bow however it still left me with a feeling that it could’ve been so much more. I’m not knocking the author because it’s clear she is more than capable. The ending just didn’t fit the book for me but it was definitely worth the read. If you read other reviews, some absolutely love the ending as not everyone has the same taste.

My only other issue is the title. I still cannot quite figure out what her title is referring to but don’t let that steer you off course. It still fits, but not quite as well as one would like.

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Book Review: The Book of You (Claire Kendal)

The Book of YouThe Book of You by Claire Kendal

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book caught me by surprise.

It had a bit of a slow start to the point I was sad by yet another dud. I was considering returning it but I decided to try once again. I’m glad I did.

Clarissa is being stalked by a creep who becomes so much more. Is love possible during such a nightmare? Are people prone to be attracted to all the wrong ones?

What keeps me from giving this 4.5 stars is besides the fact that many who’ve been stalked say this is accurate (and I do believe most of it is) there’s certainly some things here that are not reality. Things she does and things she doesn’t do that are ludicrous. She protects all the women in her life but never even bothers to try and protect any of the men when they obviously should know what’s going on. Even when things get dangerous and threatening to them, she still doesn’t bother. She never tries to videotape or audio record anything, never purchases a security camera, etc. a lot of things missed in my opinion (things I certainly would’ve done especially as this was a slow-moving stalker, at least at first. Part of the illusion).

Overall this is a good book and one I’m glad I read. I’m on board with everyone else about the ending. Really? Weird weird ending. Felt too rushed and thrown together like maybe the author was close to her deadline.. oh well. Still a good book 😉

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