Our Snowy Week

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Books, poop, dogs and coffee… and it’s only 11 am.


These are the ramblings of this morning. Read on. Life is humorous. Mocking, even.



This is a good thing. When you have so little time, its good to lie to oneself, to live in a fantasy where hours are spent reading and houses clean themselves. Truly, this is bliss.



It amazes me the things we do for our kids.

I just scraped out Aquaphor diaper rash cream out of it’s jar and into a Tupperware dish, all because my almost 2-year-old loves taking the lid on and off (too messy, so empty it.)

If you’ve ever messed with this stuff, you know how messy it is. (Though it’s the most amazing stuff in the world. They shouldn’t label it as diaper rash cream bc it’s SO MUCH MORE!)


Coffee. Always needed. Always evasive.

Yes! Coffee is done! Go get coffee…

oh Jackson stepped on the plate I left in our room, put in dishwasher. Jackson wants to help, Jackson closes dishwasher.

Oh yeah, coffee!

Fills cup, empties creamer and starts rinsing out, Jackson needs something. Sets creamer-filled-with-water on counter by half-made coffee. Helps Jackson.

Oh yeah, coffee!

Grabs coffee, adds sugar, muses about too much creamer in cup. Oh well. Sees creamer on counter.

“Is this filled with creamer or water?

Did I already dump it?

Is this a new one? How have I already forgotten?!

Dumps creamer-filled-with-water into sink and recycles. Happily goes to read a book and drink luke-warm coffee. Walks into room and instantly smells poop.

Jackson needs a diaper change. Sets down coffee and book and changes diaper.

Oh yeah, coffee!

Grabs cold coffee and book and water and empty Aquaphor jar (backup. Always have a backup. Especially if you (haha) think you’re going to have a chance reading that book…)

Sits down and reads book while drinking cold coffee. Willow (furry husky) comes in the room. Jackson grabs her fur and holds on.

Book, down. Coffee, down.

“Sibling” fight ensues. Mommy intervenes.

Coffee never finished. Short chapter never finished. Long day ahead.

PS: now hiding in the bathroom, no noises to be heard. Bad sign. Bad bad sign. Book already ripped apart today. T-Rex brought his A-game.

Goes into bedroom. Once-full travel bottle of downy wrinkle release now empty. Jackson taking lid on and off.

Should’ve used the backup.