Meet Shelby + Amber!

This dynamic duo will surprise you!

While most older dogs (small ones especially) seem to get a bad rep – you know, being cranky and all – these two are simply too chill for that. I mean, except for the occasional bird daring to invade their yard, these two are quiet and wonderful companions. They keep their barking to a minimal and the snuggles they give? You. cannot. imagine.

“– and we are ready, willing, and more than able to binge with you on that latest Netflix series (especially if you have bones for snacking on and a blanket for us to burrow in). We also happen to believe that two is better than one, and since you have two hands, well… this whole petting thing is gonna work out just fine.”

– Agape Animal Rescue

So let’s meet our furry little companions, shall we?

The Shelbinator. No really, it’s just Shelby

Well, hey there!

I’m Shelby! I’m super sweet. I’m the little sister that is easy going and certainly not shy like my big sister. I love my cuddles with Amber but I also love binge watching Netflix with my human. Preferably with my sister on the other side of your lap of course. I just like to know she’s there.

I think my face says it all in this picture, actually. I’m just waiting to show someone how much fun I am and that I’m such a happy girl. I’d love to live out my days with my best sister and my best human. Would you like that, too?

Oh hey! Here’s my sister!

Hi. I’m Amber.

Hello. How are you?

Hi there. My name is Amber like my sister Shelby told you. She’s a fun one, that girl. I am too but I’m a bit more shy than her. I think we make a great duo, you know? A yin and yang thing. I’m a little bit older than Shelby, a good 3 years if I’m not mistaken. (I don’t always get these human years of yours)

Now, a little surprise about me. I’m shy and all that, but just watch me when I get really happy. My Agape humans tell me that I burst with playfulness (especially with my favorite toys) and that it’s the funniest thing you’ll see! So I guess I’ll take their word for it! You’ll just have to come see it for yourself.

Well, thanks for meeting us! We hope you get the chance to talk to our Agape humans to see about taking us home. We love you already!

Aren’t these two adorable?!

For a little more info on the pups, visit them HERE.

If you’d like to fill out the adoption form, click HERE

Need more info? email them here:

Thank you, Lovelies ❤


Well I can’t believe it guys…

The Nashville Wife has been around for ONE FULL YEAR as of yesterday, February 28th, 2019.

O N E + Y E A R

It’s been an interesting journey to say the least. I’m glad I started it and I am going to continue! I’m going to try to get better about posting!

My goals for year #2?

+ Consistency
+ Clearer direction
+ Better updates about life events, less flakiness
+ Read more blogs of others


THANK YOU to those who have stuck with me from the beginning, to those who read my posts or – heck – even just like it. I have some that actually click “like” on pretty much every single post and I truly appreciate that so much. These people in particular have truly been so kind. Please check out their blogs:

+ iScriblr
+ theceaselessreaderwrites
+ Fractured Faith Blog
+ to both my Mom and my Mother-in-Law who like and comment all the time.
+ and of course to my lovely husband who reads all my blogs, too. ❤

Here’s to 2019!

Thank you, Lovelies! ❤

SPOTLIGHT: My Fave 5 Coffee Shops (Nashville, TN)

The more I have been blogging, the more I have ventured out of my house and sought the comfort of a cozy Nashville coffeehouse (and let’s be honest… it also allows me to be with other humans beside my 2-year-old and fur babies)

I have many that I like but here are my top 5 favorites!

Want Coffee? Read On!

Book Review: When We Found Home (Susan Mallery)

When We Found Home

When We Found Home by Susan Mallery

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When We Found Home tells the tale of a family who was split apart before they ever knew one another existed. The story begins with Malcolm meeting Delaney where she works, having carefree fun flirting and is suddenly thrust into her world when something happens to Keira, his half sister. To understand the book better, here are the main characters:

Malcolm, a good-looking executive with a past that would wipe you off your feet. A calm, caring man with a big heart and an empty brain when it comes to raising 12-year-old Keira, his half sister. You’ll be in love with him from start to finish.

Keira, a sassy little lass. Way too street-smart and far too scarred from the loneliness and heartache she’s had to endure. She’s a tough one and she helps round out her half-brother’s very distrusting opinions of the newest half-sister, Callie.

As Malcolm put it, “you’re all attitude and no backbone.” Callie is a fiery one, she is. She’s strong and witty but don’t be fooled by her very thin armor. She’s terrified. A convicted felon made heiress to an empire overnight.

Then we have Delaney. Oh my dear smart, beautiful, ambitious, frustrating girl.

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Book Review: Good Me, Bad Me (Ali Land)

Good Me, Bad MeGood Me, Bad Me by Ali Land

My rating: 4 of 5 stars



Up eight. Up another four. The door on the right.
The playground.
That’s what she called it.
Where the games were evil, and there was only ever one winner.
When it wasn’t my turn, she made me watch.
A peephole in the wall.
Asked me afterwards. What did you see, Annie?
What did you see?
••••••••••••••••••••• Continue reading Book Review: Good Me, Bad Me (Ali Land)

Whether You’re Right or Wrong, You’re Not the Mom, but You Can Be My Friend. (Tips on Encouraging vs Preaching)

Recently I was talking to a friend about routines with children. I realized that I wasn’t fully informed on the subject to be able to efficiently and respectfully share my opinions and what I’ve read on the matter in a way that was as helpful as I had intended it to be. This ended up making me sound pushy and I absolutely hate that. Mother-to-mother, we should never judge one another, right? 😉 I never want another mom to feel judged because there is no “one way” of raising a child. 


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Book Review: Beartown (Fredrik Backman)

Beartown (Beartown, #1)Beartown by Fredrik Backman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


A twist you don’t expect.
A heartbreak you cannot fathom.
A child who inspires the inspirational.

Maya, the daughter of a hockey club that finds out the world is not what she thought it was. Ana, best friend to Maya, living in a world, always knowing it’s truths. A broken father, a run-off mother and a bunch of hunting dogs that let her be Ana when no one else will.

Amat, a boy who never will be and then is. Benji, a heart of fire and passion but only sees turmoil and destruction. And there’s Kevin. A boy with it all but nothing at all. Continue reading Book Review: Beartown (Fredrik Backman)

Spotlight Blog: “Keep Drama to Yo-Self”

Story #3: Keep Drama To Yo-Self


I played a gig in Mississippi a few weeks ago with an amazing cover band called Downtown Band. We showed up to the gig and started unloading as usual when someone realized that the trombone player Eric was gone. We figured he was in the bathroom, and kept setting up.

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Book Review: Girl Made of Stars (Ashley Herring Blake)

Girl Made of StarsGirl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake (author is a Nashvillian!)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Beautiful Stars (I waver between 4.5 and 5)


There was Sister Twin and Brother Twin who loved each other to the stars and back. One day, Sister Twin heard that Brother Twin did something horrible. Had it not been a special someone that told this dark truth, Sister Twin would never have believed it. Continue reading Book Review: Girl Made of Stars (Ashley Herring Blake)