Hey, Hey! Meet Denzel!!

Hey there, hot stuff. Denzel, here – and I’m here to tell you, when it comes to eligible dreamboats, Ryan Gosling has got nothin’ on me. 

– Agape Animal Rescue

Everyone, please meet Denzel!

This sweet, SWEET boy is Super Uno‘s brother (remember him?). Well they’re still hanging around and waiting for their furrrever homes!

Denzel here is much like his brother. He’s a charmer, he’s great with kids and he’s great with cats, too! Such a good boy 😉

I’m a 10 year old, 42-pound hunk of potty-trained lovin! I won’t drink out of the toilet, either!

(sorry, ladies, but I don’t think I can do that, either ^^^)

I’m a pug/hound mix that might be small but I have a mighty big heart (just ask my friend Logan Ryan. He came for a visit – it was fun!)

Well, I think I better go now. My brother, Super Uno, is really wanting some snuggles (oh if I could go home with him that would be so awesome. Anyone up for taking on the two of us old dudes? We’ll be good I PROMISE!!!)

I will leave you with this: if you don’t already have a dog, or maybe don’t remember what it’s like… well, this pretty much sums it up:

+ + + 

If you’re unable to adopt at this time, P L E A S E consider these few options:

DONATIONS: Just click HERE and it will lead you to Agape’s donation page.

CONTACT: If you would like to e-mail a member of staff with any questions, click HERE.

VOLUNTEER: They could ALWAYS use a volunteer and pups like Super Uno and Cassie who don’t get a lot of attention would really enjoy some extra company. Click HERE for the application!

+ + + 

P H O T O + C R E D I T

To the always and ever talented Harmony Designs Photography

Thank you, Lovelies! ❤

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