Spotlight Blog: “Keep Drama to Yo-Self”

Story #3: Keep Drama To Yo-Self


I played a gig in Mississippi a few weeks ago with an amazing cover band called Downtown Band. We showed up to the gig and started unloading as usual when someone realized that the trombone player Eric was gone. We figured he was in the bathroom, and kept setting up.

My husband, Eric Barfield, is obviously one of my favorite bloggers (and obviously I’m biased but seriously.. he has good stuff.) He took a break from writing and has since come back with some new ideas. One of which is to start telling stories from the road.


This, for one, is something I LOVE to read about, no matter who you are. I don’t know why but I feel like musicians sometimes have the best stories. Eric recently posted about some of the stories so click HERE or click up above on “Story #3” and it will take you to the post. It’s short and sweet but amusing nonetheless. Maybe leave a quick comment or share with someone. Either way, enjoy and maybe share some stories of your own!

You don’t have to be a musician. You don’t have to travel for business. If you’ve traveled and have a funny story to tell, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about it. They’re my favorite! So comment a story below or tag me in your post if you blog about it.

Man, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Take care, lovelies. Always.


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