I never needed words then…

You are sound asleep.

You should be. You earned it. You worked hard today even though you didn’t feel well.

You followed instructions. You stacked blocks. You retrieved toys you’d thrown. You ran wild, kicking a ball and giggling along. You hugged for the joy of hugging and you cried when you bumped your head. (You were brave though. You thought hard if it actually hurt.) 

You listened when timeout became a real threat. You pushed boundaries and respected them. You asked for snacks and asked for toys. You let yourself be you and that was enough, always enough. You concentrated when she hid something under a cup and moved them around, always picking the right cup. This is not average for your age. You have no idea how smart you are.

You had no idea we were testing you for speech issues and never cared that you seemed to be behind. Why does it matter? I imagine you’d say. Look at how good I am at everything else. Isn’t that enough?
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Book Review: Everything We Keep (Kerry Lonsdale)

Everything We Keep (Everything #1)Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(Audiobook version)

It’s hard for me to rate this. I’m in between a 3 and 4 star review so I suppose 3.5 is good for me.

The storyline is good and the ending definitely makes you want to get to the next book in the series ASAP! It was a little too easy for certain things to happen and a little too frustrating how the main character handled things (probably the intention! haha). Overall, I feel like some things needed to be tweaked, the author could’ve gone deeper… bringing this to a solid 4. It just felt a tad elementary in some areas.

Overall though I would recommend this as an easy read, especially the audiobook version (oh and PS… if you’re like me then I promise the reader’s voice DOES get better. I almost put the book down for good bc of the voice…but don’t!)

Can’t wait to listen to the other ones! Probably while I mow my too big of a yard….

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– 5 – Short Toddler Stories

Well the time has come.

I have waited two years for the toddler stories and I am so thrilled (really, Sarah?) to have some to tell!!!

#1: The Puzzle

Jackson has this animal puzzle that seemed like a good idea (My mom bought it and I was so excited! I knew Jackson would love it!) but it’s a puzzle that has the little red knobs on the top of each piece so that you can pick them up out of their cut-out spot. It also has a sensor so it makes noises when you find each spot for the puzzle pieces.


If you put a pig in it’s spot, it makes a pig sound. A cat makes a cat sound, etc. Well apparently it’s also light sensitive. But here’s the thing: JUST the pig. So EVERY NIGHT… Continue reading – 5 – Short Toddler Stories

I know you’ve been dying for my return… (if that doesn’t get ya, I have a coupon!)

Well hey, ya’ll! I have MISSED you. I have missed my blog!

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