Vacation! Be Back Soon!

Well I am headed off to the beach tomorrow! This is Jackson’s first time.




So I will not be posting any blogs this week. See you guys Monday!

When Anxiety is the Air We Breathe.

I fear the dark. I fear new places. I fear buses, airplanes, trains, and the back of SUVs. I fear elevators and rollercoasters and I even used to fear movie theaters. But no. In reality, I don’t fear these things. I fear the anxiety, the panic that all these places can stir up inside me. I fear eternity. I fear being trapped.

Let me start from the beginning.

When I was very little, I was shoved into a trashcan by two neighborhood boys. They shut me in and wouldn’t let me out. I have no memory of this and no witnesses. All I know is that I came running home sobbing and telling my mom what happened. Continue reading When Anxiety is the Air We Breathe.

You’re Just a Blip on the Map.

I started blogging at the end of February (the actual very last day to be exact). I really didn’t know what to expect but I knew that I wanted to help people. 

Q: Did you know how?

A: Honestly? Not a clue.

Q: Wasn’t that discouraging?

A: Not discouraging so much as overwhelming. I have a “hungry appetite” as my husband likes to call it and am a bit of an overachiever (now whether or not I’m a SUCCESSFUL overachiever…)

Q: Ha! So what is so overwhelming?

Continue reading You’re Just a Blip on the Map.

How to Aldi-Shop with a #BrokenBaby

You see… a toddler with a broken femur in a SPICA cast means one thing for grocery shopping:

No. Grocery. Cart.

Continue reading How to Aldi-Shop with a #BrokenBaby

Meal Planning Like a Boss

Welcome Back!

Well you got through the budgeting blog! I hope it helped! If you read it, please let me know your thoughts… is there anything I can clear up a bit? Any questions needing answered?

Next up is the Meal Planning portion! This one is much easier and a little more fun 😉

Let’s start with the beginning and work our way down! Continue reading Meal Planning Like a Boss

Budgeting Like a Boss

Well I have had some of you ask me how I got started.

What do you do? Where do you start?

I asked the same questions. I was totally lost. I started small…

…like to the point where I go back to my first template & I laugh out loud at it. Poor little template. But hey – it was my starting point! It’s why I am where I am! So I’m so thankful for it!

So first… the budget. Here’s what you need

(and there will be pictures!):

Continue reading Budgeting Like a Boss


Very excited for the revamp of The Nashville Wife! Still working on it but if you have any tips, certainly comment below with ideas! I’m looking for a new picture for my main page and my about page so if you have ideas on what kind of pictures they should be, holla!

Also working on a few blogs coming out!

– finishing my blog on budgeting

– a blog on Meal Planning

– a completed blog on shopping with a #brokenbaby

– and a couple more saved in drafts as well 😊

Stay tuned and shout out your thoughts!

I’ve Left You in the Dark…

His Cast is Off!

I know you’re probably not surprised as it was supposed to come off today but here’s the thing. The cast BROKE! Over the weekend last week! I had to call the nurse on her cell phone (she wasn’t even working) and she had us come in on Monday to get it off.

Oh my gosh was that a huge ordeal. Continue reading I’ve Left You in the Dark…

Marriage is Complicated.

Dear Husband,

There’s really no one on this earth who could (or would) love me the way you do. I truly believe in my heart that if something ever happened to you, I wouldn’t remarry. Who could ever compare? Who could ever make me as happy as you do? I can look at it logically – separate from emotions – and it really does come down to that. There’s just no one else… and I like it that way.