I am in counseling and I am Okay. I am Okay and I am in counseling. There’s no right or wrong in that.

Okay. To jump RIGHT IN…

I have been going to counseling for quite a while now. I had an 8 month break (mostly due to Eric touring) and have recently gone back again. I won’t sugar coat it – it’s hard but it’s so incredibly rewarding, refreshing & it’s a game changer. I’m going to write a future blog post about why I’m going but today? I just wanted to touch on my session… So here goes…

Yesterday I paid someone to make me cry and here is what i learned:

(1) I am okay. Just me. The way I am.

Untitled Design 6.png

Please note: this is not me saying you are HEALTHY just the way you are. But YOU…just you (your personality, your quirks… what makes you “you”)

…You are OKAY! You are not a bad, terrible person.

It is important for us to strive to be the healthiest version of “you” that you can be

(I think if I type “you” one more time, my computer might blow up.)

I would not recommend thinking along the lines of “well, i’m okay. Just me the way I am, like you said” and leave it at that. Like I said, You ARE okay but its not good for anyone to stay where they’re at, especially if you’re not emotionally healthy. With that, however, you don’t want to obsess about constantly being a “better version” of yourself because that can lead to thinking the current you isn’t enough. *sigh* It can get out of hand very quickly. Did that even make sense? Well anyways…

(2) I am my own person. I am not a replica of anyone.

To look this good.

Those of us that are easily swayed, we can turn into other people without ever realizing it. Losing our true self and being none-the-wiser. You are your own person. You have your own personality. You can be like others, parts of your parents and your siblings and relatives…similar to friends… but you are YOU.

If you are a “mini-me” of someone else, that is absolutely fine! Embrace that! But don’t forget that you are not them. You are still you and nothing someone has done or will do can determine who you really are. They certainly cannot determine what you can or cannot do, either.

What am I saying here? If you are just like someone else… this could be a friend or relative… and you see traits in them that you see in yourself that you don’t like.. then remember that you are not a mold. You are not confined to the way that person behaves. You…are….you. Make something of that. Be different. Be healthier. 

(3) I have to stand up for the way I feel.

Untitled Design 8.png

Basically, don’t be a people-pleaser (no matter who you’re trying to please).

Feel your feelings and express them.



You still have to think everything through. This is definitely me not “giving permission” to react and say “well she told me to express my feelings as I felt them.” Well yes, sure… but try not to react on impulse. 🙂 Trust me.. this is the pot calling the kettle black – believe you me!!!

It’s hard, but try not to lash out emotionally and then say “well you said to feel and express as they are. To not judge them and accept what you feel.” You are correct. Accept your feelings as they are… that you feel “that way” and its okay that you do. However, mull it over before reacting. Think of all the various sides. Think of other perspectives and be sure that what you feel is something that you want to share. And then if and when you’re ready to share? Be confident. THIS is you, the healthy side of you. This is how you feel and no one should judge you for that. No one should make you feel small or like you’re a bother to them because you feel that way. Speak up for yourself but with love and grace to others.

(4) I am allowed to be proud of myself.

Untitled Design 7.pngI am someone who naturally likes who I am and is proud of what I have accomplished in all aspects of life. However I am also very practical. I think in black and white with intense logical conclusions. Sometimes if I learn something and apply it, I think “well, thats just the way it is. You learn something and then you apply it.” But sometimes what I don’t see is how fast I apply it or that maybe its a very hard challenge that most people aren’t successful with. So I should be PROUD. So I am learning to affirm that in myself.

My husband – Eric Barfield – gave me a great example. It’s like how baseball players practice all their life, constantly training. So when they hit a homerun, it’s no surprise that they shrug it off like it’s no big deal, meanwhile we’re in the stands acting like we’re about to go to war, charging into battle like an amazon warrior.

So with that said, I want to say to myself…

Sarah, I am proud that you were able to overcome this life-altering….game changing challenge

(*insert evil grinning emoji* – are you dying to know what that is?!?! I’ll go into it more in another blog… stay tuned!)

(5) I am not a bad person

I am not a bad person.png
Sometimes the way we think of ourselves, the way others make us feel or the doubts we have in our abilities make us feel like we are not good people. Like we’re flawed (and we are) but that it’s all our fault and because we can’t be perfect 24/7… we are bad.

If you’re like me (an 8 on the Enneagram… again, something I’ll go into later) you feel like you can control ANYTHING (Hitler was an 8 lol). When you can’t “buck up” and fix yourself, its very, very hard. You feel like a failure and a bad person.

But. You. Are. Not….


So let me just say this: counseling is hard. You face some extremely tough emotions. But it’s far harder to live in a world where you don’t know yourself. You don’t know why you feel the way you do, you don’t know why you can’t change and you don’t know why you’re hurting. Sometimes? You don’t even KNOW you’re hurting. That is just not the way to live this life. If you can afford it, I cannot recommend counseling enough.

You are not weak if you go. You are not pathetic. You are not stupid. You are not worthless…

PS: if you try it and you don’t like it, consider trying another counselor before you give up. Not every counselor fits you! You have to try and find someone who works with you and your personality – someone who GETS you. Don’t quit…

Last & Final (very important) note:

I do not judge you if you do or do not go to counseling.
Do I think it’s wonderful? YES.
Do I think it can make you a healthier version of yourself? YES.
But I know that it can get very expensive (most will help you out and let you pay based on your income). I know that it’s very hard to get to a place where you’re willing to face your demons.

You are loved. You are cared about. With me, you are SAFE.

Have a good day, lovelies.

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? – Rumi

…The Nashville Mom (part V): Becoming a stronger version of yourself through community and connections with others.

Photo Credit: Tony Mellinger

Welcome back! To those who haven’t been following this series…

I am writing about what it’s like in the world of The Nashville Wife (myself) and what it was like coming here without my own purpose. Along with that came The Nashville Mom. I had to find myself within both titles and I wanted to share my experience. I spoke to many other lovely ladies who have been through the basics of my story but in their own versions.

That is what this series has been about.

Their voices. Our voices. A community of people who share a common thread within our life story, willing to branch out and reach for the lonely or the broken.

These women are wonderful people who have volunteered their time to answer these questions and discuss their life with me. I am so grateful for their willingness to share and I hope this meets someone where they’re at in their story.

Quick Recap

We ended last week with Part IV, talking about making it happen while giving yourself some grace.

Do your bestI struggle with this one, personally. I have a lot of battles in my head (I promise I’m not crazy.) I see other moms making friends, being outgoing, seemingly living the highlife of being a Nashville Mom. Living the dream.

However, (a) what you see on FB or Instagram is not always what it seems and (b) it doesn’t matter. I just need to do my best and give myself some serious grace. What matters is that my husband is happy, living his dream in this beautiful city. What matters is that my 2-year-old is happy, knowing he’s loved by his family and friends. And for me? I matter. I need to do what makes me happy, too. I need to do what needs to be done, what works for ME, to not feel alone or isolated here… as a musician’s wife… as a  Nashville Mom.

With that said, let’s see what these other Nashville Moms have to say about this.

Beautiful words spoken by beautiful women. It’s time to hear their voices once again.

Question #5

 “What did you do to not feel so alone and isolated?”

Here’s what they had to say:

“I found girlfriends with no kids that could come hang out at my house.  When the hubby is gone for long stretches and I’m “stuck” at home with the kids, I make the after bedtime hours as fun as I can- game nights, movie nights, whatever.  Bring the party to me!”
– Martyne Palmer

“I still feel that way sometimes but I’m hoping that since we are in a new city we will start to meet new people and find our groove. “
– Heather Abbott Burback

“Made friends, joined Facebook groups, networked, put myself out there, found a job that could get me new friends. I didn’t isolate, I put my son in a great in-home daycare. He is thriving…enrolled him at Waldorf. Just doing as much as I can to make sure [everyone] is getting what they need (including me!)”
– Allison Klein

“I decided I was going to be all-in on making friendships.”

My follow up question: Was this hard for you to do? I’m basically an introvert. Once I meet someone, I am suddenly this extrovert. It’s the getting out of the house, taking that first step that’s hard for me. Did this come naturally for you?

“This really does come naturally for me. I do have some anxiety when it comes to social settings, but like you, once I get there, I’m fine. Of course as women, we tend to worry about what other people think of us not only as women, but also as mothers and wives. But if you find the right people that just love you for who you are, those worries tend to disappear.”
– Vicki Mason Brown


“The primary thing that has helped me to not feel alone or isolated is joining the Nashville Moms Facebook Group.”
– Jamie Angsten

(This is a snippet of a larger summary she wrote that I will post in the last of the series.) 


I feel like no matter if you’re an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in between, we all need friends. We all need community.

Untitled Design 5

As an introvert, I can tell you first hand it’s hard. But with practice, the more you do it, the more comfortable it is to do. It’s so very scary at first to join groups, go meet new people, but when you do? You find that connecting with others that share your story tends to cause our hearts to bloom and our souls to flourish. We grow & become stronger versions of ourselves.

So as hard as it is, go out there! Whether you’re a Nashville Mom or someone that moved to Nashville (or hey – ANY new city!!) for whatever purpose… try and branch out. Start a blog and meet new bloggers! Join a FB group. Find something in your niche and see what happens. Just don’t isolate. Don’t live your life without community. You are wonderful and others should see that… 🙂

I’ll leave you with this…


When we love ourselves, we tend to love others.

Photo Credit: Tony Mellinger



…The Nashville Mom (part IV):  Advice for SAHMs in a New City

Photo Credit: Tony Mellinger

Welcome back! To those who haven’t been following this series…

I am writing about what it’s like in the world of The Nashville Wife (myself) and what it was like coming here without my own purpose. Along with that came The Nashville Mom. I had to find myself within both titles and I wanted to share my experience. I spoke to many other lovely ladies who have been through the basics of my story but in their own versions.

That is what this series has been about.

Their voices. Our voices. A community of people who share a common thread within our life story, willing to branch out and reach for the lonely or the broken.

These women are wonderful people who have volunteered their time to answer these questions and discuss their life with me. I am so grateful for their willingness to share and I hope this meets someone where they’re at in their story.

Quick Recap

Part III ended with some of the best advice I have ever heard…

STHE NASHVILLE WIFE Support. Embrace. Dream. GRateful. Prepare.upport. Embrace. Dream. Grateful. Prepare

I think I may even print out my own blog graphic, frame it, and remind myself of this every single day. If you’re in a new city for any other reason than for your own purpose, find yourself some support. Embrace your new life. Dream bigger things. Be Grateful for what you have and oh my goodness PREPARE! For what’s ahead, for what’s to come… mentally, physically, financially, you name it. Job well done, ladies.

Beautiful words spoken by beautiful women. It’s time to hear their voices once again.

Question #4

 “If you had one piece of advice to give a new SAHM in a new city, what would it be?”

Here’s what they had to say:

“Find your moms.  Join a moms bible study, book club, mops program, whatever.  Get you some girlfriends STAT.”
– Martyne Palmer

“I’m that mom so I guess what I would say to myself is reach out. Find your community whether that be at a church, a gym etc but you have to put forth an effort. 
– Heather Abbott Burback

“Join Facebook groups, find a school you like, find a good MDO program to give yourself a break at least once a week! ”
– Allison Klein

“Jump all in to your community. Find a moms group and a church. Make all the friends you can, find your tribe, and love them well. 
– Vicki Mason Brown

Jamie Angsten basically combined this question along with the next (and the last) 2 questions of this series. It’s a GREAT summary of advice so I have decided to wait and post it at the end. I will give you a great snippet, though!

Untitled Design 4

I feel like the overall arching theme here is MAKE IT HAPPEN! We have the choice to be miserable or to be happy. This is OUR life and we live it so vastly different than everyone else around us. It can take a long time to find your happiness or for some, it can be a quick turn around. Try not to place big expectations on yourself in that area.

Do your best

My counselor – yes, I am in counseling. The best decision I ever made – said one time before, “You don’t seem to give yourself much grace. I wonder what it would be like if you gave yourself as much grace as you give to others?”

I do wonder. So let’s keep that in mind.

Give grace to others and be gracious to ourselves.

Photo Credit: Tony Mellinger


Spotlight: Footjunkie by Stage Tech Solutions

Happy Saturday!

Today is a spotlight blog! I want to introduce a product that one of my friends has created, that I think is simply brilliant. I love it when someone invents something, whether big or small, and has the guts to build something with it. Bravo to you, Jonathan!

So, What is the Product?

Footjunkie is currently a sustain pedal stabilizer, something that has been needed for quite a long time. Whether you’re at a show and you slide your pedal right off the stage (haha – yeah that’s definitely happened. Can you imagine? Whoops) or you’re working in your studio – laying down tracks, you really don’t need the distraction much less the hassle of endlessly adjusting your pedal. Time is precious for a musician. Uninterrupted creative thought is even more precious. Don’t waste it on something so ridiculous.

It solves a problem that has been a curse of keyboardists since the sustain pedal broke away from the original piano. – Eric Barfield

Below is a video of my husband, Eric Barfield (professional keyboardist & touring musician here in Nashville) giving a review of the pedal stabilizer. You can find the original video, along with a lot of other reviews + info regarding the product, at www.stagetechsolutions.com

 Please check out the product pictures below (click on them for a bigger picture), and give this company a ♥ on Instagram (@stagetechsolutions) & on Facebook (Footjunkie)

PS: I’ve never asked for this before, but if you feel inclined to it, would you be willing to help my friend out by spreading the word? Especially if you’re a musician or know one… Share on FB or Instagram or even my blog post. Whatever works best for you. I know those at Stage Tech Solutions would appreciate it 😉

Thanks, lovelies!





…The Nashville Mom (Part III): Dreams & Goals (embrace, prepare)

Before We Start…

This is by far one of my favorites in this series. It’s something I wish I had read when I first got here. So if you are a Nashville Wife or a Nashville Mom – whatever that means to you – please read this one! If you don’t read any others, just don’t miss this one. These ladies have some seriously valuable advice here.

PS: This does NOT just apply to the music industry. If you have moved somewhere new for someone else, this could easily apply to you, too!

Now, let’s begin…

Welcome back! To those who haven’t been following this series…

I am writing about what it’s like in the world of The Nashville Wife (myself) and what it was like coming here without my own purpose. Along with that came The Nashville Mom. I had to find myself within both titles and I wanted to share my experience. I spoke to many other lovely ladies who have been through the basics of my story but in their own versions. 

That is what this series has been about.

Their voices. Our voices. A community of people who share a common thread within our life story, willing to branch out and reach for the lonely or the broken.

These women are wonderful people who have volunteered their time to answer these questions and discuss their life with me. I am so grateful for their willingness to share and I hope this meets someone where they’re at in their story. 


Quick Recap

Part II ended with Being Brave and wanting to deal with Adult Issues. Needing our own purpose and space, despite how much we love our kids. Making our loved ones a priority by making sure our needs were being met, so as to not create resentment or jealousy within ourselves.

Beautiful words spoken by beautiful women. It’s time to hear their voices once again.


Question #3

“If you had one piece of advice for someone moving to Nashville because their spouse is a musician, what would it be?”

[Spouse could also be anyone
with whom you move for]

Here’s what they had to say:

“SUPPORT.  Sometimes it feels like they get to “go out” and have all the fun, but it’s their job- and they can only do it well as long as you have their back.  Encourage them to go out.  See them play as often as you can.  Ask about gigs, auditions, band mates, etc.  Just like you would a day job.  They’ll be more successful and love you more for it.” – Martyne Palmer

“Embrace it. Moving comes with new adventure and even though there might be some hard times it can be really empowering as well. Starting over in a new place can be refreshing. ” – Heather Abbott Burback

“Make sure you’re also pursuing something important to you because a relationship isn’t always about one person’s big dreams & goals. We have dreams and goals, too. ” – Allison Klein

“Enjoy the perks! Gratefulness creates immense patience.”

My follow up question: Would you be willing to elaborate? Such as what perks are you referring to? I love what you said, Gratefulness creates immense patience. I feel like this comes from something learned. I’d love more elaboration on it if you don’t mind? I know I’m asking a lot of questions 

Bob Goff says that gratefulness creates immense patience. 😉

 I guess it just means that the more you think about how grateful you are for the things you have, the more patient you are [when] those things frustrate you. By perks, I mean all of the fun stuff! We get cool tickets to concerts, events, and dinners. We get to rub shoulders with some pretty cool people and we get to have a lot of date nights! We have so much fun together when my husband is in town and we miss each other like crazy when he’s traveling! It works for us.” – Vicki Mason Brown

“My one piece of advice would be to save money.  We had moved here and had originally saved a good amount of money but as we were both unemployed for a couple months and moving into a new home it was more expensive they we originally intended.  However, once we both started working it evened back out but it was something we were not expecting as we were always so stable financially and neither of us wanted to rush into a job we were unhappy with. It all worked out but it does take time to get working, settled in a new home and making new friends.”  – Jamie Angsten

There hasn’t been a question answered yet that has THIS much diversity in the responses. I. Am. LOVING. this one! I feel like each one could potentially be it’s own blog post! I’ll say this, as I was reading their responses, it reminded me a lot of what I wrote about in The Nashville Wife (or Husband). I truly wish I had seen their responses first! (It sure would’ve been nice to write a blog based on what I learned through them verses what I learned through experience haha!)

So what have we learned from this? Some key points that, I think, is the best way to end this blog. So many little words speak in such a loud volume… theres no need to fill this space with more sound.


THE NASHVILLE WIFE Support. Embrace. Dream. GRateful. Prepare.


We have dreams & goals, too.

Allison Klein



8 Points a Blogger Might Keep in Mind

An article that really rallied me and got me going was “19 (More) Strategies for Finding Readers” at ProBlogger.com. I feel it is extremely important to read this whole article top to bottom. There are a ton of links to other pages that you really should check out. I, personally, have not made it to all of them yet – there is THAT much good content. However, I’m also impatient so I read a lot of it and jumped on the blogging train. That is fine to do of course, but you have to make it a priority to go back and really work hard. Read the whole thing, go step by step and do what is necessary. 

Here’s what I’m going to talk about today (and most of them come from the article):

– Time

– Canva (don’t miss this one!)

– Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

– E-mail signatures

– Content + being unique and useful

– Linking to others + Blogger Projects

– Participation (don’t be a hermit blogger)


Untitled Design 2

The first point this article makes is about time. It takes time. What an understatement.

A lot of people want to rush in and write day after day and are shocked when 2 months later, they still have 20 or less followers /subscribers. It takes time

But something that goes untouched is talk about ENJOYING the time building your blog. Learning and growing. Climbing the ladder is so important, so vital. It will provide the means to make you the blogger you want to be in the end. So please… 

Do not rush this process. Enjoy it. Find ways to enjoy it. 

Artistic Expression


The Nashville Wife Artistic Expression

One thing I did in order to enjoy it was to allow my artistic expression to come out not only through writing but in every detail of each post. The fonts, the formatting, and best of all, the pictures. I have so much fun finding just the right pictures that portray what my words cannot. With this, I have started using an app called Canva.



I have recently been creating my own blog graphics with this and have also used it to create promotions for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. A free tool that will be your best friend – but also your achilles if you’re not careful. You can spend a very long time tweaking and editing your graphics so be careful. Do this part of your blog post LAST. Write your content, paint your canvas and then create your graphic(s). You’ll feel accomplished in the end, guaranteed. 

TIP: always label your graphics with your title (i.e @tnashvillewife or The Nashville Wife… however you like)

Speaking of Twitter, Insta and FB…

The Nashville Wife

I want to briefly touch on a few things that I did because of the article I shared with you. He never actually comes out and says to promote specifically on these 3 sites but it goes without saying. With Instagram, I have my own account for The Nashville Wife and it’s an all-in-one deal. I can post to my Twitter account and to my Facebook account as well as my pictures showing up on my actual blog, too. Great promotions!

(PS: you can do this on Pinterest, though I haven’t tackled that too much yet).

With Twitter, search for bloggers. Something I found was a HUGE community of bloggers but not just that. Twitter accounts where their whole purpose is reading blogs and retweeting them to help build a huge community. My absolute favorite RT blogger is @bloglove2018 and their blog is Family By Choice. This person is the sweetest, one of those people you’d love to meet someday. Please check out their account and let them feel some blogger love!

E-Mail Signatures

The Nashville Wife

I’ll keep this one plenty short of words. Just create and save an e-mail signature. Every e-mail from every account you send out (that you’re allowed to edit) should have your link on it. Easy.

(…this was another article tip.)

Content + Being Unique and Useful


2. Content Content Content – start by thinking about it in terms of usefulness and uniqueness and I think you’ll be on the right track.”

You’re likely to think “Well this is my own blog so of course it will be unique.” That is not necessarily true. Depending on the type of blog, it could be mildly unique (as maybe something seen from your perspective or something of your own taste) but overall, it is the same content as another blog. I love what he said above ^^^ “usefulness”. That is exactly why I started my blog. I mean sure, it’s a great outlet (haha – making a joke here! If you’ve read When Hearts Bloom you’ll understand..)

… but I want to help people. 

I want my blog to be USEFUL. 

(if you want examples as to what I mean by “useful” or “unique”, please shoot me a message because I have MANY and I don’t want to make this a 2000 word blog! lol)

Link to Others + Blogger Projects


“Participate in the linking to other blogs and you’ll find that many benefits come. For a start you’ll be participating in the conversation, you’ll be getting the attention of others and your readers will appreciate that you’re interested in helping them find the best content out there.” (ProBlogger)

(#12 is also similar to this) I recently collaborated in a very fun poem-writing adventure with the bloggers The Floating Thoughts. You can find the blog HERE. It was totally different from what I normally do but extremely fun writing alongside of a huge group of people and seeing someone make something beautiful out of it. I highly encourage you to not only check it out, but also participate! Say hi to Roy & Dee Kay for me! These are some wonderful people.


“#5 Participate in other people’s conversations”


What he says is exactly how I feel, too. It has to be genuine. I’d rather have no likes on a blog than likes “just because” or to get my attention. I won’t do the same to others. If someone comments on my blog, I will always respond but I’ll also make it a point to check out their blog and find a post that I find interesting to me. I will then also comment on it – but seriously, only if it interests me. I’m not a jerk – I just want to be genuine. I won’t leave their blog page till I find an article that I can honestly like and comment on.

Side Note

My own musings on this one…

I think you’ll be surprised and even offended (or maybe you won’t) at what gets hits and what does not, especially if the content is close to the heart. But you can’t go there – especially when you have a low count in followers. You’ll get there but it’s hard. Give it time. Your followers aren’t cold and they’re not uninterested. There could be many reasons why you aren’t getting likes or comments so don’t let it unnerve you. Keep going! Keep bearing your soul!

I would consider evaluating your tags. As you get going, about a month or two in, start reviewing what blogs get more hits.

– Is there a pattern?

– Are there more hits when a certain tag is inserted?

– Did you see more hits when you started using more pictures?

– Oh! And bullet points (haha) are much more enticing for a reader than gobs of paragraphs. Break up your content! [did it help here?]

Anyways, again… Please read the article (Strategies) + all the articles within. As always, comment or send me a message if you want to talk, brainstorm or just tell me I have no clue what I’m talking about. [Please don’t. I already know this. Ha.]

Thanks, lovelies and PLEASE let me know if there’s any tips you can add!!!

My Baby’s Broken Femur

Hey all!

I’m sorry I have missed so many posts. So here’s the scoop…

On June 1st, Friday evening around 7 pm, Jackson (he’ll be 2 years old on June 24th) was playing with a ball outside with Eric (my husband, Jackson’s dad) and Eric’s parents. He went to kick a ball, similar to this one…



… and his foot caught on it. He twisted his leg and then fell backwards on it, full weight and broke his femur bone. We thought it was something with his knee at first but either way, we knew immediately something was very wrong.

We rushed him to the ER (we live like 5 minutes away) which in hindsight, now that we know it was a much more serious injury, we wish we would’ve called an ambulance. But regardless…

So we got him there. They did x-rays, got him in a splint, and proceeded to tell us they needed to transport him to a Children’s Hospital so they could get him into surgery.

That was terrifying to hear. All of this was just terrible, horrible, no good. Everyone was crying. Jackson was screaming. He was hysterical. He was in so much pain, his face was hot and red, sweating profusely and so exhausted. At times, his eyes were trying not to roll to the back of his head. It was absolutely heartbreaking.

Jackson and mommy ER broken femur june 1st 2018

We get to the Children’s Hospital and we are told we will have to be admitted as he cannot be put under anesthesia with having eaten so close to surgery time. It was a very, very, very long night. I did not sleep.

The next day was a little better although a mind-numbingly long day. That is the best way, the only way, to describe it.

Good news though: no actual surgery needed!

They put him under anesthesia (with a breathing tube) for comfort while they set his break and put a SPICA cast on it. He did great! We needed a special carseat to get home and waited for 6 hours to be told none was available and to use ours (which didn’t end up working). So we took an ambulance home and still have no way to get him out of the house. Currently searching for a SPICA carseat. *crossing fingers*

Jackson will have to be in this cast for 6 weeks, poor buddy. We are now on day 4. We’ve figured out different ways to sit and lay down and move around which is good. We’re all hanging in there and doing the best we can! (see pictures below)

Please know I will try to post blogs when I can but may not be able to as much. I’ll keep updating you all with his progress.

Thanks so much for understanding and hope you all have a great night.